1. Pandit satish vyas confered tansen samman at world music festival.

  • 96th tansen music fest oraganised in Gwaliar MP 
  • Bhopal based institution abhinav kala parishad was honoured with raja mansingh tomar award.
  • Tansen, one of 9 gems of akbar's court.

2. Under private/public partenership model MOU signed by chattisgarh govt for ethanol plant.

  • Ethenoal is important industrial chemical
  • Additive to automotive gasoline.
  • Intoxicating ingrediant of alcohlic drinks (beer, wine,  spirits)
  • governer of chattisgarh Anusuiya uikey

3. India's first polinater park opened in Utrakhand

  • 40 species of butterfly, honey bees, birds, insects
  • developed at Haldvani over 4 acres of land.


4. First flight trial of Sahayak NG (air droppable contatiner) along with DRDO

  • dropped from IL 38SD aricraft from coast of Goa.

5. Veteran broadcaster Indira joseph venniyoor passed away.

  • First english new anouncer of travancore radio
  • Travancore radio services started on 1949
  • Wife of well known literary scholar and art critic the late EMJ Venniyoor. 

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