04 May -International Firefighters' Day 2021

India has got approval to buy P8I Patrol aircraft from America.

  • India approved to buy six more P-8I maritime patrol aircraft for $2.42bn.
  • The P-8I is based on the Boeing 737 commercial aircraft.

'Shyamala Ganesh' has been awarded the Japan's "order of the Rising Sun" honours.

  • Shyamala is a Japanese teacher at the Septuagenarian institution and also at the Ohara School of Ikebana in RT Nagar, Bengaluru.
  • She received the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays from the Consulate-General of Japan.
  • The award is given to those who have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of Japanese culture, international affairs, professional advances, and environmental protection.

A snake is named in honor of Herpetologist "Deepak Veerappan".

  • In the first four months of 2021, the Western Ghats presented new butterflies, frogs, fruit flies, and even a freshwater crab.
  • The species is named in honour of Indian herpetologist Deepak Veerappan for his contribution in erecting a new subfamily Xylophiinae to accommodate wood snakes.
  • Joining the list is a tiny snake of just 20 cm length with iridescent scales - Xylophis deepaki.

Justice (retd) P C Pant appointed acting chairperson of NHRC(National Human Rights Commission).

'Saba Karim' has been appointed as the head of talent search of Delhi capital.

  • Former India wicketkeeper and national selector Saba Karim appointed Indian Premier League side Delhi Capitals' head of talent search.
  • The 53-year-old Karim has played 34 ODIs apart from a single Test between mid 90's to early 2000 before a freak eye injury ended his career.

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