07 May -world athletics day

100 million-year-old bones of sauropods discovered in Meghalaya.

  • These dinosaur have been found by researchers of the Geological Survey of India (GSI) in the West Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya.
  • Sauropods had very long necks, long tails, small heads relative to the rest of their body, and four thick, pillar-like legs.
  • These dinosaurs were notable for their enormous sizes and believed to be one of the largest animals lived on the planet.

Delhi goverment has launched an online portal to provide oxygen for home isolation.

  • All people/ individuals requiring oxygen for home isolation can apply on delhi.gov.in website.
  • For this you need a valid photo ID, Aadhaar card details, COVID-19 positive report and CT scan report.

Hindustan Unilever launches the Grand Water Saving Challenge.

  • HUL announced its partnership with the Government of India initiatives, Invest India, Startup India and AGNIi to unveil the ‘Grand Water Saving Challenge’.
  • The Challenge aims to address the need for an efficient flush system in public toilets to ensure optimum usage of water and a clean and hygienic toilet.

Mayflower 400 is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence ship.

  • Mayflower 400 is a completely autonomous ship. It is a 15-m-long trimaran that weighs nine tons.
  • It is powered by Artificial Intelligence and the Sun’s energy via solar panels.
  • Mayflower 400 will track aquatic mammals, analyze plastic in the water, and study marine pollution.
  • Mayflower 400 autonomous ship provides an edge to the scientists in exploring the rough seas as the ship will be unmanned.

Blue origin has announced the launch of astronauts into the space by new Shepard rocket.

  • It will launch its first astronaut crew to space on July 20.
  • New Shepard is designed to carrying as many as six people at a time on a ride past the edge of space.

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