Gujarat CM e-launches "Agricultural Diversification Scheme-2021".

  • Vanbandhu - Scheme to benefit the farmers of tribal areas.
  • The scheme will benefit more than 1.26 lakh farmers from 14 tribal districts of the state.
  • Under this scheme tribal farmers will get fertilizer-seed assistance of Rs. 31 crores
  • In which 45 kg of urea, 50 kg of NPK and 50 kg of ammonium sulphate will be provided.
  • Under this scheme seeds of crops like Maize, Bitter Melon (Bitter gourd), Kailash (Milk), Tomato, Bajra etc. are provided.

"Tamil Nadu" govt releases guidelines for protecting school students from sexual abuse.

  • Announced guidelines like advisory panel and safety audit for schools
  • To ensure protection of students from sexual violence and protocol for conducting online classes.
  • Every school should constitute a "Student Safeguarding Advisory Committee" (SSAC)
  • And the School Education Department would set up a state-level Central Complaint Centre (CCC) for guidance.

"Manpreet Singh" will lead the Indian men's hockey team at the Tokyo Olympics.

  • Defenders Birendra Lakra and Harmanpreet Singh were announced as the vice-captains of the team.
  • Under Manpreet's captaincy, the Indian team won the Asia Cup in 2017.
  • Also won the Asian Champions Trophy in 2018 and the FIH Series Finals in 2019.

IMD announced that it will install 7 new Doppler radars in "Maharashtra" to strengthen the radar network.

  • Radar - Radars guide meteorologists, particularly in times of extreme weather events like cyclones and associated heavy rainfall.
  • With the radar observations, updated every 10 minutes.
  • Forecasters can follow the development of weather systems as well as their varying intensities,
  • And accordingly predict weather events and their impact.
  • IMD - India Meteorological Department.

"Saksham", a COVID helpline for specially-abled persons launched in Bengaluru.

  • This dedicated COVID helpline 0120 690 4999.
  • Can be used by specially abled persons to seek the benefits of Government welfare programmes.

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