Scientists from Punjab University discover new plant species in Antarctica.

  • The scientists have named the species Bryum Bharatiensis as a tribute to goddess Saraswati, who is also known as Bharati.
  • The discovery was made by Dr Felix Bast, Polar and Marine Biologist at Central Punjab University.
  • The discovery is an indication of climate change effect and changing biodiversity pattern in Antarctica, Prof. Raghavendra P. Tiwari, CUP Vice Chancellor ·
  • The finding is significant as this is the first plant species discovered in the 40 years of Indian Antarctic Mission, Dr. Felix Bast, CUPB Polar & Marine Biologist

Indian economist "Kaushik Basu" was honored with the prestigious "Humboldt Research Award".

  • Kaushik Basu served as GoI's chief economic advisor for three years.
  • Humboldt Research Award honours scientists, economists from across the world.
  • Basu is also a recipient of the Padma Bhushan, the third-highest civilian award in India.

India's 1st Maritime Arbitration Center will be set up in "Gandhinagar".

  • To promote the Gujarat International Maritime Arbitration Centre (GIMAC), a MoU has been signed by the Gujarat Maritime University with the International Financial Services Centres Authority in GIFT City .
  • The GIMAC will be part of a maritime cluster that is being set up by the Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) in GIFT City at Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
  • GIMAC will be the first of its kind centre in India to manage arbitration and mediation proceedings for disputes related to the maritime and shipping sector.

INS Tower conducted military exercises with the Italian Navy in the "Tyrrhenian Sea".

  • The exercise covered a wide range of naval operations including air defence procedures, replenishment at sea,
  • Communication drills and cross-deck helo operations by day and night.
  • The exercise was mutually beneficial in enhancing interoperability and towards consolidating combined operations against maritime threats.

Ganesan Sandhirakasan won a competition for migrant workers in Singapore by performing Silambam.

  • Silambam is an ancient weapon-based martial art that emerged in Tamilakam, which is now Tamil Nadu region of India.
  • The ancient form of martial arts has been practised in India since the 4th century BCE.
  • The term Silambam contains a meaning which itself reveals about the sport, silam stands for a mountain
  • And bam stands for bamboo which is the main weapon used in this form of martial arts.

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