India's 1st "Monk fruit" cultivation begins in Himachal Pradesh.

  • The Palampur-based Council of Scientific Research and Industrial Technology Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology (CSIR-IHBT) initiated the 1st field trial for monk fruit.
  • The field trial commenced three years after the CHIR-IHBT imported the fruit’s seeds from China and grew it in the house.
  • The monk fruit is originated in China and is widely known for its properties as a non-caloric natural sweetener.

Singapore unveiled the world's largest floating solar power farm.

  • The farm can produce enough electricity to power the island's five water treatment plants
  • And the project is part of efforts by the country to meet the goal of quadrupling solar energy production by 2025.
  • Solar farms can help reduce carbon emissions by about 32 kilotons annually, which is equivalent to removing 7,000 cars from the roads.

Govt approved the MoU between India, Denmark for cooperation in health and medicine.

  • The MoU will strengthen bilateral ties between India and Denmark.
  • The agreement will encourage cooperation between the two countries through the development of joint initiatives and research in the health sector.
  • This will help in improving the health status of the people of both the countries.

The Karnataka state government allowed electric two-wheelers to run as taxis.

  • The new policy of the Government of Karnataka will allow organizations or individuals to use electric bikes as e-bikes as taxis.
  • The distance between the origin and destination for a trip shall not be more than 10 km,
  • And the authority concerned will decide, from time to time, the routes that shall be excluded from the operation of the bike taxis.
  • The objective of the scheme is to reduce travel time and inconvenience in reaching bus, railway and metro stations.

Union Minister Arjun Munda virtually launched the nationwide campaign "Covid vaccine with safe forest, wealth and enterprise".

  • The campaign aims to create awareness about Covid vaccination among tribals.
  • It will also boost Van, Dhan, Vikas centres.
  • The COVID Teeka Sang Surakshit Van, Dhan aur Uddyam campaign focusses on reassurance, pride and self-efficacy.

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