Greece always comes first in the parade of nations at the Olympic opening ceremony.

  • The Parade of Nations always begins with Greece, the host of the ancient Olympics and the 1st modern one.
  • And the host nation always closes out the ceremony.
  • For having invented the Olympics thousands of years ago and hosting the first modern Games in 1896,
  • Greece has the honor of going first at every opening ceremony.
  • Athletes from 205 countries participating in the Olympics.

Kerala removed the upper age limit for transgenders seeking admission in state universities.

  • The decision to remove age limit is expected to encourage transgenders to pursue higher education.

UNESCO's "Historic Urban Landscape" project launched for the cities of Gwalior, Orchha, Madhya Pradesh.

  • UNESCO will prepare plans for the management of cities, taking into account their history, culture, cuisine, lifestyle and economic and community development.
  • The project was started in the year 2011.
  • Six cities in South Asia including Ajmer and Varanasi in India are already involved in the project.
  • Orchha and Gwalior are included as 7th and 8th cities.

The world's 1st 3D printed steel bridge has opened in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  • The architectural work required 4.9 tons of stainless steel and four years of research.
  • Intelligent sensors on the bridge will monitor tension, speed, vibration and temperature.
  • The 3D printed steel bridge was built by Imperial College London.
  • It was built by four industrial robots and took six months to print.

Hockey India launched player-oriented web-based platform for players.

  • Hockey India (HI) has launched its own player-oriented web-based engagement platform,
  • Heroes Connect, to create a comprehensive database of players
  • Who have represented the country in both men's and women's FIH sanctioned events.
  • The unique web-based responsive platform is designed to encourage former and current Indian International Hockey players to initiate constructive discussions around the game.

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