NASA announces DAVINCI mission to research the hellish landscape of Venus in 2029.

  • NASA has set a launch date for its exploration of Venus’ hellish landscape.
  • In June 2029, the space agency’s DAVINCI Mission will launch, with the goal of plunging through the harsh layers of atmosphere to the planet’s surface by the end of 2031.
  • DAVINCI — which stands for Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble gases, Chemistry, and Imaging — will be the first mission to study Venus using both spacecraft flybys and a descent probe.

"Internet Explorer" browser closed after 27 years of service.

  • Microsoft announced the retirement of its oldest browser, Internet Explorer after 27 years of service.
  • It was first released in 1995 as an add-on package for Windows 95. Later, the company began providing the browser for free as part of the package.
  • As per the company notification, Internet Explorer will be rendered inoperable from June 15, 2022.

Indian Railways introduced the 1st train between Coimbatore and Shirdi under the "Bharat Gaurav" scheme.

  • The first train operated by a private operator between Coimbatore and Shirdi under the Indian Railways' Bharat Gaurav scheme has been flagged off.
  • Southern Railway becomes the first zone to get its first Registered service provider under the Bharat Gaurav Scheme & commence operations of the maiden service from Coimbatore North to Sainagar Shirdi.
  • The train is being operated by a private operator – South Star Rail.
  • The theme-based Bharat Gaurav trains were announced in November last year.
  • The objective of the themes is to showcase India’s rich cultural heritage, as well as historical places, to the people of India and the world.

Bharti Airtel ("Airtel") Unveils India's 1st Multiplex on Metaverse Platform.

  • Bharti Airtel (Airtel), India’s premier communications solutions provider unveiled India’s first multiplex on the Partynite Metaverse platform.
  • Users will be able access the multiplex service on a metaverse platform called Partynite Metaverse.
  • The Xstream multiplex is an extension of Airtel’s Xstream Premium offering, which recently achieved a 2-million subscriber milestone within 100 days of its launch.

Kerala tops in National e-Governance Service Delivery Assessment (NESDA) Report 2021.

  • The National e-governance service delivery assessment (NeSDA) report 2021 was published recently.
  • In this edition, Jammu and Kashmir was assessed for the first time.
  • It has been ranked at 1st position among Union Territories, with overall compliance of around 90 per cent for national e-governance service delivery assessment (NeSDA).
  • The report was released on June 13, 2022.
  • Overall, in NeSDA 2021, Kerala had the highest overall compliance score amongst all the States and UTs.
  • Meghalaya and Nagaland were ranked at top in State Portals with overall compliance of over 90 per cent on all assessment parameters among northeast and hill states.
  • NeSDA was constituted in 2019, by the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) under its mandate for boosting e-government endeavours and driving digital government excellence.

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