The first WHO Traditional Medicine Global Summit 2023 held in Gujarat.

  • The WHO has released the outcome document of first WHO Traditional Medicine Global Summit 2023 in the form of Gujarat Declaration.
  • The declaration reaffirmed global commitments towards indigenous knowledge, biodiversity and traditional, complementary and integrative medicine.
  • WHO underlined that the application of rigorous scientific methods is needed to better understand, assess and, where appropriate, apply more holistic, context-specific.

43rd ASEAN summit in Jakarta to be held from 5th to 7th September.

  • The 43rd Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit in Jakarta is being held from 5th to 7th of September.
  • Singapore’s Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement today that ASEAN leaders will discuss ways to ensure the bloc’s continued relevance and centrality in the evolving regional architecture.
  • Aim: To discuss strengthening ASEAN integration and expanding collaboration in key areas such as the digital and green economies.

Airtel to acquire 23,000 MWh of energy for Nxtra data centers.

  • Bharti Airtel has announced its commitment to purchase 23,000 MWh of renewable energy by Q4 FY 23–24 to power its data centre subsidiary, Nxtra.
  • Aim: To reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainability.
  • Through an open access route, Airtel will acquire stakes in Continuum Green’s project company, which will supply green power from solar and wind projects to six Nxtra Edge data centres located in Madhya Pradesh.

IDFC First Bank makes digital rupee app interoperable with UPI QR codes.

  • IDFC FIRST Bank has unveiled a new enhancement, the integration of UPI QR Codes with its Central Bank Digital Currency app, the IDFC FIRST Bank Digital Rupee.
  • Aim: To encourage the use of the digital rupee and make it more accessible.
  • The new feature simplifies the process for merchants to accept payments made with the digital rupee.
  • This development allows individuals to easily use digital rupees for payments through existing UPI QR codes at various merchant outlets.

Hyderabad Firm Unveils India's First AI-Powered Anti-Drone System.

  • A Hyderabad-based robotics company has introduced a cutting-edge autonomous anti-drone system, utilizing artificial intelligence.
  • Aim: To offers protection for critical facilities such as nuclear sites and oil rigs and also extends its coverage to include entire cities, effectively countering various types of drones.
  • Claimed to be the world’s only anti-drone system capable of protecting against micro, mini, small, large and extra-large drones.

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