India's 1st underground transformer unveiled in Bangalore.

  • Bengaluru’s first underground electric transformer was inaugurated at Malleshwaram by the city’s civic body and electricity board together.
  • Aim: To ensure the safety of people and to maintain the aesthetics of India’s garden city.
  • This adds to the overall safety of the environment, encouraging the citizens to use footpaths without any hassles since they’d be free from interruption during maintenance works of overhead cables and related equipment.

Japan launches rocket carrying "Moon Sniper" lunar lander.

  • Japan launched a lunar lander on 7th Sep 2023, aiming to become the fifth nation to achieve a soft landing on the moon's surface following India's success.
  • The Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) was sent to space on an H-IIA rocket.
  • SLIM is a light and small spacecraft developed by Mitsubishi Electric.
  • One of the goals of the mission is to demonstrate precision landing technology.
  • The spacecraft is expected to land within 100 meters of a target site.

Ahmedabad becomes second city in India to implement emission trading scheme.

  • The Gujarat government announced that after Surat, Ahmedabad has become the second city in the country to implement an emission trading scheme (ETS) for particulate pollution that will help regulate industrial emissions and reduce the state’s pollution levels.
  • Aim: To reduce particulate pollutants PM2.5 and PM10.
  • Objective: to ensure a balance between economic development and environment preservation.
  • The scheme will cover 118 industries in Ahmedabad.

Jharkhand Cabinet approves 1k pension for transgender community.

  • Jharkhand Cabinet gave its approval for transgender persons to be provided benefits of the State Social Security Scheme under which they will be given a pension of Rs 1,000 per month.
  • Transgenders are included in the category of OBC.
  • Proposals are first, transgender persons should be declared as a third gender.
  • Second, Those transgender persons who are not covered under any other category for reservation should be included in the OBC at serial number 46 in the list

Telangana govt partners with Tabreed for cooling infrastructure.

  • UAE-based leading cooling utility firm Tabreed has signed MoU with the Government of Telangana to build 1.25 lakh refrigeration tonne (RT) of district cooling plants and networks.
  • Aim: To aid 6,800 GWh of power as well as 41,600 megalitres of water savings, and has the potential to reduce over 200 MW of peak electricity demand.
  • Telangana is set to house Asia's largest district cooling system to establish cooling infrastructure for industrial parks.

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