Raunak Sadhwani won FIDE World Junior Rapid Chess Championship.

  • Raunak Sadhwani and Govhar Beydullayeva won gold in The FIDE World Junior Rapid Chess Championship 2023.
  • Indian GM pulled off a crucial victory over Tobias Koelle and clinched the title as two other co-leaders, Arseniy Nesterov and Dimitris Alexakis, drew their game and tied for second place with Or Globus.
  • Nesterov claimed silver thanks to superior tiebreaks and became the only unbeaten player in the open section; Alexakis took bronze.

Dubai Soars as World's Fastest-Recovering Services Hub in 2023.

  • Dubai, a global economic powerhouse, has proven its mettle as the world's fastest-recovering destination in the services sector, marking an impressive growth rate of 3.2% in the first half of 2023.
  • This achievement has underpinned Dubai's standing as a leading city that defies economic challenges, driven by visionary leadership.
  • A key goal of the Dubai Economic Agenda is to double the size of Dubai's economy over the next decade.

Nawanpind Sardaran Village Receives Best Tourism Village Award.

  • The Nawanpind Sardaran village, located in Gurdaspur, Punjab, awarded the title of Best Tourism Village of India 2023 by the Union Ministry of Tourism.
  • This recognition was a testament to the remarkable efforts of the Sangha sisters, who have passionately dedicated themselves to preserving their ancestral homes, Kothi and Pipal Haveli, and promoting sustainable tourism in their village.
  • It is located just five kilometers south of National Highway 54.

Coastal Security Exercise Sagar Kavach held in Andhra Pradesh.

  • A two-day Coastal Security Exercise Sagar Kavach involving all maritime security agencies was conducted by the Indian Navy in Andhra Pradesh, TN and the UT of Puducherry from 11-12 Oct 2023.
  • Aim: To assess the efficacy and robustness of the coastal security mechanism while dealing with asymmetric threat emanating from the sea.
  • Indian Naval Ships along with assets of the Coast Guard and other coastal security agencies were deployed to augment surveillance in the area.

Amit Shah inaugurated Samau Shaheed Memorial and Library.

  • Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation Amit Shah inaugurated Samau Shaheed Memorial and Library in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.
  • During the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav Modi started initiatives to build memorials of countless unsung martyrs across the country who sacrificed their lives in the 90 years of freedom struggle from 1857 to 1947.
  • Aim: To revive their history so that the youth and the new generation could draw inspiration from them.

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