First-ever kidney transplant successfully conducted at SKIMS in J-K.

  • Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences achieves a breakthrough by conducting its first-ever swap kidney transplant.
  • Two patients, who faced obstacles with their original donors due to incompatible blood groups or positive CDC cross-match, benefitted from this.
  • Through the successful performance, SKIMS enhances the donor pool and contributes to addressing the organ shortage in India.

NASA tested innovative 3D-printed rotating detonation rocket engine.

  • NASA successful test of the 3D-printed RDRE at its Marshall Space Flight Center.
  • The RDRE, an advancement in propulsion technology, completed a hot fire test with a 251-second burn, generating more than 5800 pounds of thrust.
  • The RDRE’s first hot fire test in 2022 was in collaboration with In Space LLC and Purdue University, and involved the generation of over 4000 pounds of thrust.

Vita Dani, first Indian to join ITTF foundation's governing board.

  • ITTF welcomes Dani, praising her passion for the sport and her vision for its growth and impact on the community.
  • Dani's objective is to make table tennis accessible to everyone.
  • Dani and her organization, the Dani Foundation, have majorly contributed to the recent upliftment of Indian table tennis.
  • She also co-owns the Chennaiyin Football Club in the Indian Super League.


Sukrita Paul Kumar won 6th Rabindranath Tagore literary prize.

  • Sukrita Paul Kumar received the 6th Rabindranath Tagore Literary Prize for her book, Salt & Pepper: Selected Poems.
  • The poet stated that it not only validates her artistic journey but also underscores the universality of storytelling in bridging diverse cultures.
  • The prize also awards contributions to world peace, literature, art, education, and human right.

Uttarakhand approved progress on UCC draft committee's Decisions.

  • Cabinet has approved the decisions so far taken by the committee drafting the Uniform Civil Code in the state.
  • Led by retired SC Judge Ranjana Prakash, the committee is yet to submit a detailed report to the government.
  • The UCC topic, having gained prominence after PM Narendra Modi's supportive address, pitches for a common set of laws pertaining to marriage, inheritance, adoption, and more.

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