NASA to create a New Time Zone for the Moon.

  • The U.S. White House officially tasked NASA with establishing a time standard for the moon, called Coordinated Lunar Time (LTC), which international bodies can use to coordinate their activities on the lunar surface.
  • Establishing a lunar time zone will better enable communications between spacecraft, data transfers, landing, docking, and navigation.

India scores ahead of China in digital services exports in 2023.

  • In Europe and Asia, exports rose by 11% and 9%, according to the Global Trade Outlook and Statistics report released by the WTO.
  • India has become the world's fourth-largest exporter of digitally delivered services, constituting over a fifth of global trade in services.
  • India's exports of digitally delivered services stood at $257 billion in 2023 registering a 17% increase from previous year.

World's largest digital camera gets ready for its cosmic photoshoot.

  • This groundbreaking creation, known as the Legacy Survey of Space and Time (LSST) camera, serves as the focal point of Chile's Vera Rubin Observatory and is poised to survey the southern skies.
  • Measuring 5.1 feet in width, the optical lens of the camera will capture 15-second exposures of the sky at intervals of 20 seconds.
  • The camera weighs 2.8 metric tons and has 3,200 megapixels.


"Zero orbital debris" : ISRO achieves "zero orbital debris" milestone.

  • ISRO achieved a zero orbital debris milestone with its PSLV-C58/XPoSat mission.
  • Innovatively minimized space debris by transforming the PSLV's last stage into POEM-3.
  • De-orbited POEM-3 from 650 kilometers to 350 kilometers.
  • Ensured the module would burn up in Earth's atmosphere, leaving no debris in orbit.

Mary Kom steps down as Chef-de-Mission for Paris Olympics.

  • Six-time world champion boxer M C Mary Kom stepped down as India's chef-de-mission for the upcoming Paris Olympics.
  • Indian Olympic Association had announced her appointment on March 21.
  • She was supposed to be the logistical in-charge of the country's contingent at the July 26-August 11 Paris Games.
  • Indian Olympic Association (IOA) President - PT Usha.

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