Where is the Suez Canal ?

"MV Ever Given" a Panama-flagged cargo ship has stucked in the Suez Canal and blocked world trade. It connects East part of World with Europe and North African countries, Approximatly 10% of World trade take place via this canal. Almost 19,000 ships passed through the canal in Year 2020, as per Suez Canal Authority an average of 51 ships per day.

It has been more than 6 days now. Ship stucked in the canal is 4 football fields long (400 meters approx). As per reports 20,000 Cubic meter of sand has to be removed to pull out the ship stuck in the Canal.

There are more than 300 cargo ships waiting to traverse the Suez Canal. But it will happen only after the "MV Ever Given" is cleared from the Canal.

Some important points about Suez Canal

  • It was build by Ferdinand de Lesseps.
  • It is approximately 19 miles (29 km) longer after its expansion.
  • Approximately 10% of world trade take place via this canal.
  • The British government initially opposed its construction.
  • It facilitated the European colonization of Africa.
  • After Six Day War in 1967. Egypt Govt. blocked the Canal's entrances with mines.
  • 15 ships were stranded on it for 8 years, released in 1975.

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