7 Sept 2021

Taliban announced thier Govt. for Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Mohammad Hasan Akhund will be head of the Govt. Abdul Ghani Baradar will be the deputy leader, while Sirajuddin Haqqani, son of the founder of the Haqqani Network, named as interior minister.

6 Sept 2021

The Taliban said they have captured the last place of resistance in Afghanistan, Panjshir Valley. Amrullah Saleh's house also bombed.

on Twitter #SanctionPakistan started trending, where many users are claiming, drone attacks on panjshir by Pakistan. Pictures of ISI chief in kabul are being shared on twitter.

5 Sept 2021

Taliban killed a pregnant police woman in front of kids, husband in Firozkoh or Ghor province. they then mutilate her face

The family said that the local Taliban had "promised to investigate" the incident.

1 Sept 2021

U.S.A. drone strike targeted to kill ISIS terrorists in Afghanistan kills 10 civilians near kabul airport

31 Aug 2021

India's ambassador to Qatar "Deepak Mittal" held talks with a top Taliban leader on 31 Aug 2021, the Indian foreign ministry said

Deepak mittal met Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanekzai of Taliban office in Doha

26 Aug 2021

At Least 102 people dead in a suicide blast outside Kabul airport

10 U.S.A. troops killed in the blast, and atleast 60 other people wounded.

A Taliban official said this is a terrorist attack.

Tajikistan president rejected Taliban Govt. in front of Pakistan Foriegn minister on the visit to Tajikistan. Tajikistan want more representation of Tajiki ethnicity people in Taliban Govt.

24 Aug 2021

UN human rights chief says she has credible reports of Taliban executions; China says sanctions against Taliban not productive.

PM Modi, Russian president Vladhimir putin talks to work on stopping drugs supplies from afghanistan.

23 Aug 2021

3 Swaroop of Guru Granth sahib (Hand written) brought to India from Afghanistan in evacuation process.

Ahmad Massoud, leader of the Panjshir resistance, says he hopes to hold peaceful talks with the Taliban but made it clear that his supporters are ready to fight if taliban try to invade the valley

19 Aug 2021

Taliban terrorists open fire on people waving national flag at Independence Day rally in Asadabad, several killed.

18 Aug 2021

Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh declares himself as caretaker President, he said as per Afghanistan constitution in absence of president the vice president become President.

amrullah saleh declates himself president

Taliban Says It Will Now Respect the Rights of Afghan Women Despite Its Brutal History

17 Aug 2021

China Says It's Ready to Work With Taliban. China may soon recognize a Taliban-led government

China ready to work with taliban

15 Aug 2021

Taliban takes over Kabul, president Ashraf Ghani flees the country of Afghanistan. He is believed to be in UAE.

taliban takes over kabul

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