Kabul(Afghanistan): The Taliban have surrounded Afghanistan's capital city of Kabul on 15 August 2021. current President Ashraf Ghani had left the city for Tajikistan,

It is matter of great shame for United states of america (USA), that President biden had assured the afghanistan govt. that they will assist afghan govt till 31 August 2021. But in a recent move USA landed few halicopters near the US Embasy and airlifted them Airport. they destroyed all the offcial doucments in the embasy before leaving.

After 20 years now Taliban is again there to start their new chapter in the history of Afghanistan. Taliban fighters were reaching the capital from all sides, a senior Afghan interior ministry official told Reuters. Taliban fighters are on standby on all entrances of Kabul until a peaceful and satisfactory transfer of power is agreed, said Zabihullah Mujahid

Taliban in their past rule known for keeping girls out of school, hardline Islamic punishments like stoning and hanging, the Taliban is trying to project a more modern face this time, to have a peaceful transition of power.

Abdul Sattar Mirzakawal, government's acting interior minister said Power would be handed over to a transitional administration.

Taliban will soon be declare "Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan" from the Presidential Palace. Senior Taliban commanders have claimed that the group is set to announce that they have taken control over the country and it will now be known as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Official spokesperson yet to confirm this report.

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