World's tallest competitive swimming pool opens in Bhutan.

  • World Aquatics inaugurated the highest competitive swimming pool at 2,400 meters in Bhutan.
  • The Global body of Swimming launched a program in 2019 that aims to ensure accessible aquatic facilities for more countries and regions.
  • HRH Prince Jigyel Ugyen Wangchuck - President of the Bhutan Olympic Committee.
  • World Aquatics President - Hussein Al-Musallam

PhonePe launches UPI in Sri Lanka for Indian Tourists.

  • PhonePe has launched UPI payments in Sri Lanka in partnership with LankaPay, allowing Indian tourists to make seamless payments through the app.
  • The collaboration enables users to make secure and instant payments to local merchants by scanning the Lanka QR code, with transactions conducted in Indian Rupees based on the exchange rate.
  • Ritesh Pai:- CEO (International Payments) of PhonePe.

Japan, US sign agreement to develop hypersonic missile interceptor.

  • Japan and the US have signed a contract to develop interceptors for hypersonic missiles by the 2030s, with the project costing over $3 billion.
  • Japan allocated 75 billion yen ($480 million) from its 2024 budget towards the development of missile interceptors Hypersonic missiles travel over 5 times the speed of sound
  • Aims to strengthen capabilities amidst tensions with China and North Korea.

IIPE develops Eco-Friendly Water Treatment Solution.

  • The Indian Institute of Petroleum & Energy (IIPE), Visakhapatnam, developed the Surface Modification Technique of Membrane for treating muddy river water efficiently.
  • The technology uses non-toxic gases instead of harsh chemicals and has applications in pharmaceuticals, food preparation, and textiles, promoting environmental protection by mitigating pollutant damage to water bodies.

1.5 billion years old giant viruses found in Yellowstone's hot springs.

  • Researchers found 3,700 potential viruses in DNA from Yellowstone's Lemonade Creek, two-thirds being giant viruses.
  • Yellowstone National Park is located in the western USA.
  • In 1978, it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Yellowstone Lake is one of the largest high-elevation lakes in North America and is centered over the Yellowstone Caldera, the largest super volcano on the continent.

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